Eddie Hedges

Welcome to my personal website! I'm always open to working with like minded people that are passionate about technology. If that's you let's talk business.


I am living a privileged life in Gardner, KS with my beautiful wife Katie, my amazing daughter Nora Eve, my dogs Ellie and Maeby, and my cats Theo and Lucy. I am employed by Bloom as a full stack software developer where we're building a decentralized identity and credit protocol on top of Ethereum.

I graduated from Kansas State University in December 2012 with a bachelor's degree in Information Systems and a minor in Business.

I truly enjoy my life, my line of work, and am always looking for ways to challenge and improve myself.

Pi-hole Adventures
January 29, 2019

Life improvements!
January 20, 2013


The following three principles have been extremely helpful to me when solving business problems through software:

Personal methodologies aside, take a look at my résumé (it's under the Portfolio section) to see a detailed description of my professional experiences.




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