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Updates on edjmicro work and more

Why I haven't finished edjmicro

So recently I've been slacking on getting any work done on edjmicro. I blame this on recently becoming addicted to the show Breaking Bad. I'm already on Season 4 and it is definitely giving my favorite show Dexter a run for its money. Once I am done with Season 4 my work should continue more frequently.

A little about edjmicro and future goals

I've said before that I would like to build a Django based CMS for my own freelance purposes and that will be my next project. I would like the CMS to be flexible with pluggable apps just like django, while being user friendly for both the developer (me) and the user (client). I think this will enable me to spin up functional sites quickly and then focus on customizing the design for each client.

Work success

I recently completed my project at work described in my previous post and have been assigned a new project. The task is to create a "reset password" feature that sends an email to the user with an encrypted link. The link will expire in 24 hours. Clicking the link enables the user to reset their password and move on with their experience. I have started the project and I think it will be less time consuming but more complex (security issues) and I look forward to the challenge!

Thanks for reading!