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Comments are live and more stuff

I have updated my blog to allow for anonymous comments using the django comments framework!

I chose to go anonymous because as it says in the Zen of Python that Simple is better than complex.

The jQuery hack hasn't been implemented yet but will be soon. The only problem I have is that since I am using the django comments my sites navigation styles I am using don't apply when there is an error with the comment form. Other than that I am satisfied with the simple comments that are now live with my blog.

The next update for comments will be to allow for markdown because its awesome!

As I mentioned in a previous post I wanted to implement markdown syntax to create blog posts and I did!

My custom admin form for my blog is just a simple form that reads markdown and converts it to look great once posted but it isn't the best for actually writing the post. That is why I have been using Dillinger. The real time markdown and html5 editing is amazing with a great looking interface. In my opinion there isn't a better free online editor.

List view of next items on my agenda:

  • Make that quick jquery/style change to keep uniformity (because uniformity rocks)
  • Adding markdown to the blog comments
  • Hopefully pick up some freelance projects along the way
  • Implement the ability to add media to my blog app
  • In march I will be overhauling my django boilerplate

That wraps it up for me thanks for reading!